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Patient login module embedded in your medical or dental web site!

Automated Appointment Scheduling for Medical, Dental and Other Professional Clinics is like having your own Virtual Medical Receptionist. We understand that human touch and creating personal relations and service that your real medical receptionist brings to the success of your clinic and patients satisfaction is invaluable.

Today's generation of young professionals and all consumers and patients brought up with technology. demand much more. We live in impatient times and our time is at premium. We are an instant society. Speed up the process of Medical Appointment Bookings and provide convenience of Appointment Scheduling 24/7 is "a nice to have", but on the way of becoming "a must have."

IcyCRM Virtual Medical Receptionist 24/7 is a perfect complement to your valuable receptionists. How satisfying feeling for any business and that includes medical or dental professions, when you open in the morning to find out that you have orderly schedule of new patients or current patients with new bookings. Your real life receptionists will do reviews of activities done, while your medical, dental or other professional office has been closed.

They are rulers of Automated Appointment Scheduling placed on your Virtual Medical Receptionist and you will set them!

Your patients or prospective patient require automated registration first, in order to be able to login to the Automated Scheduling Module. Your Office will determine criteria for registration.

User's ID ( * ) and Password ( * ) are required for login of registered patients.

Submitting an online registration form is a must! The process can be called a patient sign-up or patient's registration and it is done online. Your office will determine questions to ask and IcyCRM will build them in an online form.

Visit patient sign-up menu item to see an example for sign-up eForm.

Virtual Medical Receptionist, Automatic Medical Receptionist, Automatic Medical Secretary. These are synonyms expressing automatic receptionist functions for Medical or Dental professions, providing convenience to the patients to request services 24/7, while keeping informed medical or dental practitioners about these events in real-time.